1 Jan

Avon Haiku Fragrance Campaign

New year; new entry.  I have been postponing and postponing for ages  to write a new entry.  This time I definitely had the time to update my site.  I have to start the year right by not procrastinating.  New year’s resolution: STOP PROCRASTINATING!

So anyway, I shall finally post the pictures I got off the net for the AVON campaign I did in New York.  I had shot this more than a year ago during the autumn season nearing winter, but it only came out during spring of 2011.  So imagine the cold and I was only wearing almost see-through summery clothes.  Good thing I shot in Los Angeles, at least there wasn’t any snow.  To read the entry I wrote about the experience I had while shooting, click here.

Below were some of the shots I was lucky enough to find online.  And believe me, it was not easy finding these.  I have to give myself a pat on the back.  I personally think that I did a job well done.   Happy new year to all! Cheers! xoxo!

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