27 Feb

Always a Bridesmodel, Never a Bride

Will I ever have my happy ending?  Sigh!  For the longest time, I have always been a “bridesmodel”: from editorials to magazine covers to runway shows and even to music videos.  Ever heard of the saying “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”?  Well, I am what you would call “always a bridesmodel” but will hopefully be a bride one day.  Haha!  As I look back and recall my modeling jobs for the past years, if there is one role that a model would play, it is always me as a bride.  Do you want proof?  Let me show you.

The images above are my magazine covers from different publications.  Even my first ever magazine cover in New York (The Knot Magazine) is about wedding as well.   My first ever music video is a bride to the singer, Richard Poon.  Click here to watch.  Below are some of my magazine editorials of, yes you guessed it, wedding magazines:

Beauty editorials, found below:

And runway shows:

The photos here are but a trifle of the numerous photos I have as a bride model.  I kept asking myself, “Why am I always a bride?”  Actually, I have heard that there are actually some models that would not want to model a wedding dress because for fear that they would jinx their own wedding and will never marry.  Some even has the principle that they will only wear a wedding dress on the day of their wedding.  Wow, I never knew models could be so superstitious.  But alas, poor little me.  I have been modeling wedding dresses, gowns, lent my face for bridal makeup, and even acted in a music video as a bride, will I be doomed to forever be a bridesmodel and never a real bride?  Well, I hope not.

I should just take it as a complement that I am always booked to be a bride.  This simply means that I am a “dream” bride.  Haha!  If there is a term like that.  Actually, wearing several wedding gowns for these modeling jobs have its advantages.  I found out which gowns I absolutely abhor.

The following are the things I absolutely hate about wedding gowns:

1. Tube gowns

– Frankly, I do not understand why 90% of brides choose tube gowns.  For me, it’s so unimaginative.  And also the fact that I think I look utterly ridiculous in tube gowns because of my skinny and broad shoulders.  So tube gowns are out.

2.   Pure white dresses

– Yes, pure white is nice but it is so cliche and not to mention old-fashioned.  When I get married, I’ll probably choose off-white, beige, ecru, even lavender is nice.  But I’m sure my mind will change as to what color.

3. Petticoats

– I absolutely detest petticoats, especially the big voluminous ones.  I also do not quite understand why brides would choose to give themselves a hard time during their wedding day.  Walking around in those big gowns is no joke.  I cannot count the number of times I had an accident with one of those things.  It snags on edges, doorways and wood panels.  Moreover, I cannot calculate the path wherein I’m walking because of the huge skirt, causing me to bump into things, people, etc. Believe me, it’s hard to have a big skirt on your wedding gown.

4. Lace and itchy materials

– I don’t hate lace in general but I hate it when it’s very itchy.  Usually, the wedding gowns I wear are made of lace or this itchy fabric which I don’t know the name of.  That’s what I find in common with wedding gowns, most of the materials used are itchy, which would make a bride very uncomfortable.

5. Veils

– If I had the choice, I would rather not wear a veil.  But I know that in our culture and religion, veils are important.  So if ever, I might just opt for the modern veil in which it’s this teeny tiny veil that covers only your face.  But, as I have also said.  This might change.  I have not thought of it that much yet.

6. Big and heavy gowns

– The same with number 3.  If I were to have my wedding, why would I want to limit my movement and allow myself to suffer in silence because my big and heavy gown is dragging me down. I want to be as comfortable as possible.

In general, due to the number of times I have worn wedding gowns, I have eventually realized the things that I might need when I become a real bride.  If I hadn’t worn those dresses; I wouldn’t have found out the things that would make me uncomfy on my wedding day.  So it does have it perks.  I just hope that I haven’t jinxed my own wedding due to the number of times I was a “bridesmodel”.  As another superstition goes, your man shouldn’t see you in your wedding gown.  Well, too late for that now!

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  1. someone got active into blogging again..haha! but am sure it isn’t true. I know someday I’ll see you lovely bride walking down the aisle in your gorgeous dress. Can’t wait for that! (ahem, Francis)

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