26 Jun

How My Friends Got Sick of Me

I shot an Ayala Mall Billboard sometime in February and it was used from March to May of this year. I fear that my face has been overused too much by this ad. Goodbye to SM and Robinsons possibly booking me since I have done so much Ayala ads. First it was greenbelt print ad, then the TVC and now their billboard. Not that I’m complaining. Thank you to the Ayala client for booking me. I have seen my face everywhere that people started to get sick of me, especially during the Ayala Mall series of fashion shows. Most of my model friends where like “I am so sick of your face.” They see me on the billboard, AVPs, print ads, tarpaulins, and yes, even on their model backstage IDs and food stubs. That was why I’m like “Did I even get enough compensation for my face to be used this much?” That time, I was just so happy I was booked and I didn’t really bother about the media coverage and all collateral. I remember one time when Melissa Frye, a co-model, told me that as she entered the parking lot and saw my face AGAIN, for the nth time, plastered on the monitor she jokingly greeted me, “Good morning, Ana!” to the amusement of the other models in her car.

Below are my billboards for Ayala Mall Style Origin Campaign:

While I was in one of the fashion shows in Alabang Town Center, a girl named Twinkle looked for me and told me she was a fan.  She even personalized and laminated my backstage IDs with my name on it instead of the word “model”.  She also told me that I was her favorite model and ask me for an autograph.  She was so sweet.  So I gamely signed ALL of her IDs with my picture on it.  I just grabbed the shot from Facebook.  And she even dedicated an album on her Facebook entitled, “My Ana Sideco Collection”.  How touching!

I love Ayala.  I wish the client won’t get so sick of my face so I can still do more jobs with them.

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  1. I agree, your face was everywhere this summer! :)) Billboard, tix, flyers, everything! :)) Pati ID namin when we were styling for the shows!

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