11 Nov

Long Overdue Updates

Wow!  I just realized I haven’t written in a looooong time!  Four months to be exact.  I was uber busy the past months that I have forgotten to update my blog.  For my avid followers (if i have any at all haha!), please pardon my lack of updates.  The past months have been really good for my career.  I actually have four cover shoots for this year, two had been released and two are to follow.  One will be in December and the other one is indefinite.  This year has been good since I am also featured as one of the 8 sexiest models for 2011 for Cosmopolitan magazine.  Haha!  I still can’t quite believed I’m part of that.  I will try to write separate entries for all the work I have been doing (cover shoots, shows, fashion week, ads and even my spring 2011 campaign for Avon New York.  I still haven’t gotten the time to write about that.  Hehe!).

I have been very busy coz of all the work I’ve been doing, modeling and all my sidelines to boot, so thank you Lord for still showering me with all these blessings after all these years.  I’ll try to write and update more soon.  Nonetheless, thank you to all my supporters and fans who have been messaging me in twitter and facebook.  Thank you that I still remain your number one.


Ana Sideco

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  1. you have a follower ms ana! and congratulations for making it to the 8 sexiest models for 2011 by Cosmo. 😉

  2. The Unglamorous Model November 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Gee thank you! Glad to know someone is actually reading my blog, even if I haven’t updated it for months already :( I will try to post more in the coming days. Kudos!

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