20 May

Shoots and Shows and Everything in Between

In just three days, my body has been the receiving end of aches and pains.  Last Wednesday, I noticed that my right eye is getting uncomfy due to my contact lens.  I didn’t mind it that much since I was at a shoot and I need my contacts to see.  That was Wednesday morning.  Come lunch time, it’s not really bothering me that much.  I went to our condo unit since there was a tenant moving in that same day.  While I was waiting for her, I accidentally slipped down the stairs and fell.  I hit my lower back, tail bone and both elbows real hard.  I slammed onto the steps, my cellphone flying and hitting the floor.  I could not move due to extreme pain.  I was fighting back tears.  That was my first mishap of the day.

After leaving the condo, that’s the time my eye really started getting irritated.  But since I still have another shoot to go to, I didn’t remove it since I was driving and I need it for better vision.  By the time I reach my shoot, my eye is red, swollen and watery.  That’s the time I decided to remove it.  It was around 4 PM already.  So I had no choice but to shoot with only one contact lens and a somewhat blurred vision on my other side.  I was still able to do my job properly though but when I got home, I noticed that my eye was really bad.

When I woke up the next morning, I decided to wear my eyeglasses.  This time I had a fashion show.  I wore my eyeglasses while driving but I had to stop 3 times since I just really couldn’t see.  I feel like even my good eye was getting affected.  I stopped at a gas station and used my contact lens on my good eye and wore shades. It helped a lot and I was able to drive to Greenbelt without anymore incident.  I think it was because the sun was too bright and my eyes were sensitive to the sun.  When I got to my show, everybody noticed my eye.  It was red, swollen and is smaller than my other one.  In Filipino terms, “I was kirat”.  After rehearsal, I decided to have my eye checked up.  They did tests and finally informed me that my eye dried up when I was using my contact lens that’s why it got irritated.  I had to pay 900 pesos for consultation and 750 pesos for the medicines.  Ugh!

When I returned backstage, my eye is still not better so the stylist gave me sunglasses to wear in both of my outfits.  At least, I was able to hide my eyes but talk about embarrasing.

This morning when I woke up, my eye is better but is still not functioning well.  Even with my eyeglasses, my right eye still cannot see that much.  It’s like this huge blur.  To top it off, my body still aches because of my fall previously.  When I woke up, I was going down the stairs, this time at my house, and lo and behold!  I fell again can you believe it?  For the second time, I fell down the stairs again.  This time, I fell farther up and literally slid down the stairs till I stopped at the end.  My mom rushed to me and pulled me up.  She made me lie down in the living room and got a hot compress pack for my back.  So in short, I just doubled my pain.

Ah, stupid lil me.  Such an accident prone person.  My entire body aches, even my neck and shoulders.  I think have to confine myself inside my room to avoid anymore accidents.  I can honestly say now that I am not safe with myself anymore. With everything that happened to me, I need to protect myself…….from myself.

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  1. Tsk….be careful pls….

  2. travelingman329 May 31, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    hope you’re feeling better

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